ePortfolio Platforms

Recommended Free ePortfolio Resources

Simple Option

  • Simply save artifacts in one Google Drive folder

  • This is an introduction to collecting, curating, and publishing artifacts

Moderate Option

  • Save artifacts in one Google Drive folder

  • Use a Google Doc for self-evaluation that can link to artifacts

  • Create a Table of Contents that links to artifacts

  • Google Slides is a way to combine artifacts. It can contain reflections, images, and videos.

  • It can have links to documents stored in the Google Drive folder

Advanced Option

  • Use Google Sites to create a student portfolio website. It works easily with all Google tools.

  • Templates are easy to use and allow enough customization for student to exercise choice.

  • Easy for young students

  • It does not require email or a Google account

  • Cannot be published publicly to the web

  • Teachers can collect and curate artifacts and then share with parents.

  • Students create drawings, typed notes, and screencasts

  • They can add files from their device or Google Drive

  • Student reflections can be attached to any artifact with built-in audio and video recording

  • Available as an iPad or Chrome app

  • Student reflections can be attached to any artifact with built-in audio recording

  • Students and teachers can import images and video, add text and drawings, and record audio

  • It offers many options for publishing including PDFs, video files, and ePub files which can be read with iBooks, the Kindle app, Google Play Books, and other applications

  • Has it’s own publishing platform to share creations safely on the web

  • Advanced software

  • Bilingual

  • Web-based

  • Supports literacy (and other content areas)

  • Encourages self-regulated learning through goal setting, developing and monitoring strategies for accomplishing work, and reflecting on learning.

  • Commenting capabilities on specific student fields

  • Color codes visible only to teachers

  • Embedded teacher support

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